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Driving New Business
for the IOC

This informative round table discussion shows you how to take advantage of the Unified Communications Cloud to drive new business revenue.

Do you remember when you used to feel secure knowing that your geography and local service insulated you from business line loss? It’s not like that anymore... your business customers can Google anything, including business phone services, from larger carriers, over the top service providers and even Microsoft Office 365. Don’t wait until you have to try to win customers back – you need cloud-based business services that keep your best customers without forcing you to buy or upgrade your entire network. Hear what your peers are doing; our IOC round table discussion will show you how other IOCs are using cloud services to stay in the game.

Key Webinar Topics:

  • UC as a Service solution overview
  • Easy to sell solutions for the sole proprietors and small businesses
  • Easily separate regulated and non-regulated services
  • Understanding the differences between Nuvia & C15 with APMAX

Garth Leach Garth Leach, Solutions Marketing, Nuvia

Elizabeth Page Elizabeth Page, Director, IOC Sales